Full Moon

My mind awakens with this moon

Brain stem on edge

My soul dances to this tune

A sweaty ghost child

I yearn to run in this

To laugh in this

I’ll scream at this

I have dreamt of this

I laugh in tongues unknown

Your spirit moves me

A whisper here,nudge me there

My moans as I well up

I swell

Tears overflow in this realm

A joy I’ve never felt

I commune with the spirit

I am the bruja,the wand

I am the switch

This life or the other

I am a bridge

Walk with me

I am the divine,the third

Watch you prophesy

Let me love you again

Under the full moon


My body is mine

To love and hold

To loathe and pinch

To watch it fold

My body is a beauty

Not inspite,but

Because it is mine.


My body is whole

Twists and wonderful turns

Belly and beautiful folds

I am a living croissant, a delicacy.

I have felt the goddess

Within me,she wakes

Within me,a quake

She speaks to me

In my dreams she cries

A wretched whisper

Touch me love me

I am yours,forever

Hold me,caress me

Feel me within and without

For I am your body

I sob in relief 

A smile, a gasp released

My body is mine



  • Hi everyone! This blog is really a safe place for me where I can talk about my life,feelings and basically any and everything without being scared that people are gonna judge me harshly. Here goes nothing…